Card to Art is truly simple and truly original. The card appears to be a fairly normal, albeit beautiful, letterpress greeting card. Then you notice that the back of the card has a rectangle die-cut into it. When the back is flipped to be the front of the card, it then becomes a mat for the art on the front of the card. In order to not damage what will become the mat, there are two removable inserts where the giver of the card can pen their message. The cards are also created so they perfectly fit into most standard 5”x7” frames.

Bennett printed these six letterpress cards on a vintage Vandercook press. The cards are printed on Crane Lettra paper which shows every detail of the letterpress process. Lettra is made out of 100% cotton which is a completely renewable resource. These were printed in a limited edition of 200.

This set will ship with everything you need to mail these cards to your best friends. One of each of the designs, 6 envelopes, 6 instruction sheets and 6 sheets of chip board to protect the card (if you decide to part with it). Frames are not included.

Visit www.cardtoart.com to see more.
See the video at http://vimeo.com/33890720

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Card to Art – 2011, Patent Pending

Contact: info<at>cardtoart<dot>com